Watch out, crypto lovers- Our little virtual Babies are all set to take over the Blockchain. How? Umm… What?

Well, let’s start this guide by recalling a little about Block Babies. Here’s a brief of what we covered in our previous articles:

  • • Block Babies is known for its wittiest strategies and adorable babies as NFTs.
  • • Players partake in various Battles or quests to make their babies cuddlier.
  • • They need to outsmart others by building up the perfect nursery with all the required essentials.

Building a nursery for your little bundle of joy can be quite rewarding. However, it can turn into a juggling act if you are not prepared. In this case, you must keep everything you need close at hand.

But what are these Nursery essentials?

Well, in this piece, we will unveil a few of these essentials so that you can make a win-win!

Read on to know more.

Team Babies & Their Endless Support for their Leaders


They say- The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. It is the same with The Team Baby cards! These little ones are known for their waggish strength and innocent hearts.Their love for the Lead Babies sets them apart. Team Babies prefer using their skills and attributes to provide you with an edge against the opponents during a battle. Beware; they can turn diapers into powerful shields to protect their leaders. Don’t go by their innocent looks!

Getting to know the Team Babies

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  • • Force Card: Team cards with this element are the most innocent manipulators. This element of your team baby forces the opponent to fight on a specific attribute to increase the score of your lead baby card.
  • Example: The Player- The player is quite nimble, he is quite quick. Just give him a beanstalk, And he might give it a big kick!
  • • Defense Card:  Defensive Team babies are all set with their witty shields to save their leaders by deducting the attribute score from the opponent’s card.
  • Example:  Sugar Shield: He Dreams of Candy! That’s a feast for his inner beast... He is known to swallow the opponents in a whistle like a pop bar; Hang on- HE WILL MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A SWEET SUGAR STAR!!!
  • • Attack Card: Watch out opponents, you’re under an attack! This element will increase the attribute score of your lead baby, making it even more aggressive than before.
  • Example: BabyChucks: When she's angry; she’ll jump up and down; roll on the ground; and, make a din; to make you spin.
  • • Dual Card: Here’s to a mix of both! A-Team Baby with this element is known to have both defensive and attacking abilities. This element can increase the lead baby’s attribute score while deducting the same from the opponent’s card.
  • • Example: NinjaKun: He's a knight of balance; Preserving harmonious; known for Dissonance; & order.


Other Nursery Builders

The big draw here is- A Team Baby Card is a clever way of building a nursery using an algorithm. This ensures that every player can pick their favorite team baby whenever, wherever, and however they feel like. Even during a battle, you need all three cards (Lead Babies, Team babies, and Item cards) to work with. Also, every card has a unique role to play as part of the nursery and even during the battle.

Do you know that your nursery is incomplete without Item Cards?

Oops- Your babies dirtied the diapers… eiicks…. do something! Groom your babies and keep them entertained with item cards and win the battles. How?

Create a custom deck for your nursery or chase the best cards in the marketplace to compete with your opponents. The stronger Item Cards you have; the stronger chances you have to win!

If at first, Lead baby doesn't succeed - Check the Team Babies and Items to start again!

Building up a nursery is always an exciting process. However, it does require a deep understanding and planning along with a bit of luck! So what if you fail at building a perfect nursery on your first try? Your lead baby might need some specific or rare team baby or item card to help you in the future. Find that rarity, buy it, and check through the odds to increase your success.

Lastly, at Block Babies, we like to keep it rolling, so that you can keep building your nursery. Don’t stop here! We are still on our speedy bandwagon all set to take you on a journey to yet another world of ITEM CARDS- Get. Set. Go?