The world of Block Babies is a fickle one. One moment, you’re watching your cute little chubsters grow up, the other, watching them duke it all out against your rivals. Of course, being primarily a crypto-fueled game, it comes as no surprise that it’s an instant hit amongst fans of the strategy and PvP genre. And yes, we know that by now, you probably know a little more about our charming lead babies and their mean little toys, but how about showing some love for the RPG fanboy in you? Can’t pin the tail on it? Well, strap your little cubs in safe because we’re going to drop some truths down here.

You can’t handle the Tooth!

Your lead babies, are the best in the world. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. They will be with you forever, growing up and winning and making you prouder by the day. Your lead babies rely on their elements – mainly their attributes for being the best and winning. Though they have a team of nifty little babies backing them up, and you’ve indeed given them the best Items you can find, but that’s what it ultimately comes down to. As luck would have it, however, there’s a simple yet fun way in which you can give your tiny tots all the room they need to grow – to become stronger and wiser by the day.

A-Questing they shall go


For those of you who’ve had their ears perked up ever since we hinted at an RPG element to Block Babies, we got one word for you: Quests. You can send your bundle of spittle and giggles on free quests when they’re not doing anything or when you’re not letting them compete in battles. Quests in Block Babies fill an essential void for serious players; in that, you don’t have to necessarily buy the best lead babies to have better stats and win. Sending your rug rats on a quest can usually net you one of the following results:

  • 1. Attribute values: A particular attribute of your sweetheart went up or down in value. This can affect any of the ten attributes your baby’s got, whether it’s his appetite or her intelligence, and more.

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    • * For instance, if you got the ‘Tutor’ influencer card from either being present in your nursery or affixed for you by the game, then you get a 50% chance to go on a cognitive quest. This will push your munchkin towards an intelligence quest.
    • * If your kid got to go on one and completed it, you’ll receive a message towards the end of the quest indicating how many points your lead baby has won. Depending on the stars your babies have got in their ‘Multiplier’ element, this will increase the intelligence points they receive.
    • * So if your lead baby Suzy with a one-star multiplier went on an intelligence quest and got awarded 50 intelligence points, then her 10% multiplier will ensure that she walks out of the quest with a 55-point increase in her attribute!
  • 2. Experience points: Your babykin suddenly sees its experience level shoot up or slither down depending on how the quest went for them.

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    • * For example, if you get offered the ‘Backpack’ influencer card, your little ones will be up for a 50% chance to go on a wilderness quest.
    • * Once your precious bumpkins return from their quest, you’ll receive a message showing you how many experience points were rewarded.
    • * So with a lead baby like Charmer, who’s got a five-star multiplier, finishes a wilderness quest and receives 40 experience points, he stands to gain a 100% increase in what gets added to his card with a whopping 80-point lead!

As you can see, it’s not an exact science and you might be risking what your little ones have learned so far, but hey, fortune does favor the bold. Going on quests does entail certain types your kids may face, and different cards to go along with those types – but more about that later.

Fill up your stamina me Maties!


Now we know how hard it is to put those sweet little pirates to sleep, but rest they must! For if you want them to be sailing into quests anytime soon, they will need to have some stamina. Just like it is with your lead babies requiring stamina before wading into battle, they will need to expend some too if they were to explore quests. Now, if your cutie pies don’t have any stamina left, they shall recharge within a matter of some hours. However, the number of stars your lead babies have in their stamina bars can have a profound effect on how quickly they are back on their feet. With the highest being five stars, you can watch your little ones waking up nearly 1 hour earlier with full stamina!

So you see - while it is an excellent habit to get lead babies from the Vulcan marketplace with sweeter attributes, it can also be advantageous to focus on their ‘Stamina’ element too. The experience you get from these quests and the number of them you can set your kids out on is a treasured part of Block Babies. And we know for sure that with a little bit of practice, you can give your sweet ones a better and more colorful environment to grow up.