If the sudden explosion in the NFT purchase craze doesn’t leave you thinking ‘Umm..What’s going on here?’, chances are you just purchased an Animated Flying cat with a Pop tart body for $6,00,000!


Welcome to the world of Non-Fungible Tokens and Digital Collectives, where the question no longer is ‘What is an NFT?’. Instead the question that is doing the rounds is ‘What isn’t an NFT?’ The desire for digital authenticity is driving this million-dollar industry which experienced a 299% rise in investments and a 66% rise in investors in the year 2020, taking the value of transactions from $63 million to $250 million. (Source: Nonfungible.com)

So, what really really is an NFT?

Non-Fungible tokens are nothing but digital assets that exist on the blockchain. Blockchain storage symbolizes the ownership of a digitized item, making these assets unique and incapable of being copied or stolen. If the concept seems not too exciting on paper, consider this: More than $2 Billion were spent on NFTs during the first quarter of 2021 – representing an increase of 2100% from the fourth quarter of 2020! Moreover, there were twice the number of NFT buyers as sellers during the first quarter. Yikes!

Wait! Did you just say digital ownership?


NFTs and Blockchain have had a wild ride off lately. And then online gaming stepped in and said, ‘Hold my beer!’ The viral popularity of NFTs meant that neither developers nor gamers could ignore the in-game digital assets and characters. And just like that the gaming industry could see a decentralized future where real-world value could be attributed to the digital assets. Moreover, assets purchased in one game could be transferred and used in another.

“It will change the whole nature of video games. It won’t be spending anymore. It will be investing. So, it totally changes everything.” Said Gabe Leydon, the former CEO of Machine Zone.

Block Babies in the house!


No, we are not talking about annoying human babies ruining the crypto party! We are referring to a decentralized infant chaos brought on by a ton of babies on blockchain. A collectors and gamer’s delight, Block Babies is a game centred around adorable, collectible and upgradable Baby characters. Each baby is a one-of-its-kind NFT that is 100% owned by you; It cannot be taken away, replicated or destroyed. With 10,000 different babies set to be released in 10 phases or 10 waves, Block babies is the most exciting thing to have happened to the crypto gaming market!

What is so special about these Babies?

Other than being supremely adorable, block babies do everything. They battle torise up the rankings, they quest to gain experience and enhance their unique attributes, they dirty their diapers and they nap when they run out of stamina! With two different types of babies – Team Babies and Lead Babies – the gaming format and trading experience just gets better!

Lead babies are the battle stars that help you climb up the nursery leader board. Additionally, they venture out on multiple quests to increase their experience. Each lead baby has one of the 10 attributes:

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  • • Adorability
  • • Persuasion
  • • Patience
  • • Sleep Skills
  • • Appetite
  • • Playfulness
  • • Obedience
  • • Kindness
  • • Intelligence
  • • Dexterity

The team babies on the other hand are your key to gain an edge over your opponents in a battle. They add to the skill or attribute of a lead baby and fight like a true team!

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And if you thought that this is where the collector’s delight comes to an end, wait till you discover the rare and invaluable item cards. Used outside of battles to enhance the baby’s skills and within the battle to provide an edge, items too are Non-Fungible tokens on the blockchain.

Rising popularity and numbers:

NFT’s bring with itself authenticity, scarcity, durability and exclusive ownership. Not only are they tradeable outside the ecosystem they were created in but can be kept by the owner forever or sold anytime. Compatibility with the NFT format and trend is what allows Block Babies to build an exciting trading and playing experience for its user. And the numbers speak for themselves. With the first wave that opened up in May 2020, the popularity and adorability of these cards quickly caught on where the first 150 babies were claimed in the first 8 minutes of the opening sale! With a price tag of $30-$150 per card, these babies sure created a stir in the crypto-gaming universe with 500 cards being sold in a single month!

The momentum is clearly building, and the battlefield is all set! In our next segment we shall be making it a lot easier for you to understand the rarity and attributable dynamics of our Blockchain stars, along with the shiny new version of the game. Keep watching this space for more community updates.