Quests is to Block Babies what Tom is to Jerry; what peanut butter is to jelly. They go well together, make sense. And in the calm but exciting journey you’ve had with your lead babies, it does make sense to explore beyond the obvious. Your team babies and adorable captains have helped you secure wins against others in the arena. And as long as your head rug rats have got the brains and some brawn to back them up, your battles and quests should be stellar.

Get your quest cards in order!

Just like team babies, quest cards are an essential ally for your precious bigwigs, all cute and bright-eyed. So if you’ve already got some in your nursery or looking to get your hands on a few, the chances are that you’ll be having one of these three types:

  • Emotion cards: When out on a quest, you’re entirely in the dark about which random attribute of your rug rat’s going to improve. Emotion quest cards can then make all the difference they need. Having an emotion card equipped can ensure that your lead baby has a better chance of having one particular attribute being worked.

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    • * o For instance, if one of your kids are a bit slower than the rest, then by equipping the ‘Socratic’ emotion card – they can have a 50% chance of an intelligence quest! Similarly, a ‘Starving’ emotion card can give them a 50% chance of an appetite quest, a ‘Loving’ emotion card netting them the possibility of a kindness quest, and so on.
  • Influencer cards: Like emotion cards, influencer cards can give you a stronger chance of influencing a quest that can be useful for your boss babies. However, they can also send them on different quests! For example, the ‘Treasure Map’ influencer card can send your buddies on a foraging quest or the ‘Backpack’ card, setting them out on a wilderness quest, among other ones.


  • World Cards: Though not essentially a quest card, they’re just as valuable to your kid’s questing experience. With some of them like ‘Vitamins’ or ‘Espresso Shot’ in your nursery, your adorable chubsters will have all the stamina or attempts they need to win big on a quest.


So unless you want your little monsters to be stuck in a loop of basic quests while others around them run circles in all the other exciting ones, we suggest you gear up and get your quest cards in order.

Types of quests your kids can go on

While looking to quest in Block Babies, there are five definitive types of quests that your little ones can set out on. And every one of them can be beneficial for your sweethearts in their own way:


  • 1. Basic quests: Now, don’t get put off by the name! When you find yourself lacking an influence card, basic quests are all that your kids will be able to go on and sometimes – all they need. An attribute chosen randomly will get affected. But, with an emotion card equipped, you can significantly improve your chances of which attribute gets selected.
  • 2. Development quests: As quests go, this is perhaps the best one you can work towards for your baby boos. Development quests allow you to choose and thereby directly affect the attribute your budding children are weak in. To embark on one, they’ll need an influence card like the ‘Compass’ in their pockets.
  • 3. Wilderness quests: An influence card like the ‘Backpack’ can set your cuties bumbling onto a wilderness quest. This can be an important teaching moment for them, as your babies will gain some valuable experience points in the process.
  • 4. Cognitive quests: Cognitive quests, begun by influencer cards like the ‘Tutor’, affect your sweetie pie’s intelligence. All you need to do for them is to answer a multiple-choice question within five seconds max.
  • 5. Foraging quests: This quest starts for your kids if, by chance, you’ve got an influencer card like the ‘Treasure’ map on you. These can force your munchkins onto a foraging quest where you can discover NFTs like item cards!

These are all the types of quests that your lead babies can merrily travel for in the world of Block Babies

Duck and Weave – Quest Strategies!

While questing with your sugar puffs, adjusting your strategies from time to time for optimal results can be crucial. For instance:

  • Nitpicking Influencers: Being greeted by two random influencer cards when you start a quest, you can pick the one you believe can benefit your kids the most. So if you’re faced with a ‘Tutor’ and a ‘Backpack’ card, and you want your babies to gain experience, then picking the Backpack card will serve them better.

    It’s important to note that if you’ve got an influencer NFT with you, then there’s a good chance for it to show up instead, netting you a reliable choice!

  • Love and Emotions: Right before you set your sugar puff out on a quest, you’ll also get the chance to view and select a random emotion card offered in-game. If it suits the path you want your kid on, then we suggest you pick them now!
  • The Skipster: Pick or skip? That’s one question you can ask yourself every time you start a quest. Based on what you want best for your little ones, you can choose to skip picking an influencer card and select an emotion card instead or vice versa.

    If you’re feeling lucky, you can skip them both and see what the fates have in store instead!

So you see, when it comes to questing in Block Babies, you can employ such choice strategies or make some up of your own in the long run. Depending on what’s currently in or not in your nursery, you can also head out to the marketplace, gift your kids some cheerful quest cards, and brighten up their day.