The advent of blockchain gaming has accomplished so much in such a short while. Decentralized in-game assets, all charged up with crypto, have injected a new sense of hope in the gaming community. Block Babies, in that regard, is one of the crown jewels of this scene. You get to keep and raise these cute babies and their toys, all the while enjoying a stellar strategy card game.

Glory and Gains


Now the cute swashbucklers you see as NFTs do look good in collections, but they can be so much more if you use them for trading or while in-game. Take battles as an example; cornerstone of grit and glory in Block Babies. Competing in a PvP setting, you get to challenge and win against other players online. Through those matches, your budding chubsters become even more valuable than they were before – based on how quickly they learn and can level up.

The more battles you win, the quicker you’ll see the value of your precious babies and their toys shoot up. The babies released in the first wave were pretty rare and went out quite quickly, but more waves are getting released pretty soon with all-new lead babies, team players, and item cards. Provided you keep at it, eventually, you’ll be able to trade for or bid on these NFTs in the marketplace for some sweet gains.

Duke it out with the best

Now battling comes as second nature to lead babies. So, depending on if they’ve got the stamina for it, you can send your adorable champions for a duel with other kids in a battle arena. Once you get matched online against another player – your kids spar with them while playing by the rules of battle:


  • Crowd control: Even the rowdiest little bumpkins in Block Babies are a stickler for rules when it comes to battles. The winner of the rounds is decided on which lead baby could best the other based on the attribute chosen. Unless tampered with, the attribute based on which your precious wiggle-bum will be judged will always be a random selection every round.
  • Clash of cards: The functions of the team babies and item cards during these rounds are dynamic and affect your lead babies in real-time while in a battle. However, in case there’s a clash between opposing force cards, there will be a toss, and one of the two players will get a chance to select the attribute instead.
  • Playtime: There will be a total of three rounds, and the player netting two wins in any order will win the battle entirely. For instance, if the deciding attribute is playfulness, then the lead baby of the two with the highest attribute points in playfulness will win that round. This is decided after the team baby and every item applicable has come into play. The winner receives 25 experience points, and the loser only 5.

Given these rules of engagement, every battle in the game can offer a different and unique experience to players – whether they are in-between rounds or have just begun one.

Battle Essentials

More than just these rules, there are different components involved along with strategy in Block Babies when it comes to battles. Like with any well-oiled team, it’s not just your lead baby – captain cuddles who’s running the show. There are team babies, cute little tough guys who back their leaders up, and a whole host of items that keep you and these superstars on their toes! So you must start building up your children’s nursery, getting your team to complete with every precious baby or toy you need. This will prove crucial in your quest to battle your way to the top.

Ultimately, investing in better lead babies with potent attributes is a more lucrative option for going about NFTs in battles. And playing these matches regularly with your kids will help them gain more experience points, if you can maintain a decent win rate for your little ones. Of course, depending on how you’ve built up your nursery, you can always trade for better lead munchkins and swap out their toys for a smoother battle experience.