NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens have come to play a major role in the blockchain gaming scene. By simply allowing you to own your in-game assets, it has solved many legacy problems one would normally find in the gaming industry. Take Block Babies as an example - you get to own and raise a crib full of adorably precious babies, as NFTs. Whether it’s top-notch lead babies, item cards or wizardly team babies – they all move together and help you score a win over your opponents. If you want to keep winning though, you have to keep your lead baby happy and fed with all the tasty treats you can rummage for! That’s why in this playground, you should support what your growing infants need, with a big dollop of item cards and some good team players to boot.

What do your babies truly need?


There are various elements of your Lead baby cards that factor in while you’re looking to play – experience points, stamina, rarity, level, etc. Now they are all important in their own way, but it’s your lead baby’s attributes that will ultimately make you the proud parent of the winner in a duel between these cute devils. Forget what went on at your playschool because here, only when your lead baby has the greater attribute, will it win that round and possibly the game. And since they don’t eat their veggies or drink honey milk meads, just stuff your captain rug-rats with some friendlier goodies!

Help them bridge that last mile!

Item cards in the game’s true essence, are important supporting cards for you to be having some in your nursery. As long as your darlings are not putting the wrong stuff in their mouths, you can own a range of item cards for you to collect and use. After all, no one can resist pampering these little ones with all the toys they need. Browsing item cards for your tots, there are essentially two types of them when it comes to the world of Block Babies:

  • • Environment Item Cards:  These are the item cards that effectively boost the elements of your budding captains, even when they’ve not stepped onto their ships. Apart from attributes, it can increase your baby’s multiplier, stamina, experience, basically helping you nurture them to a better state before their playtime.
  • • Battle Item Cards:  Remember how they don’t like their veggies? Well, you can stop with the tough love routine now because armed with these, your rug rats can be a lot more confident on the playing field. Depending on the attribute that’s been selected, battle item cards can help your lead babies defend or attack quite well!
    • * For instance, you can hand your babies the fearsome Gummy Shoes, the slippery Laxative, or the worst, a Dirty Diaper they found outside their nursery to chuck at their adversaries! These are Attack battle item cards and can wreak a deadly curse on your opponents – reducing their attributes that are in play.
    • * Or, if you are worried that your children will have a tough time at school, you can always cast protective spells over them, perhaps give them an enchanted Spinner or a colorful Power Palette. Maybe a shiny War Horse while you’re at it because worry not, these defense battle item cards will ensure that no harm will befall your adorable little bunnies anytime soon.
  • • Develop your own strategies: Once you’ve got the hang of it and your darling stars have no problems waddling out on their own, you can mix and match these items with some talented team babies! Pudgy bun’s got a big appetite? Introduce him to The Butler! Maybe you’re having some trouble keeping the children asleep at night, enter The Sandman! And for those of you with babies too shy to step out, they might just need The Player or a Sweetheart in their lives.


Perfect your children’s skills!

Battle item cards, similar to Lead babies or Team babies have certain distinct elements to them. Apart from being classified as an attack or defense variety card, they have a unique name, a rarity factor, the attribute it will affect in your little ones, among other things. If you’re unsure, however, about what your budding nursery needs to give your babies an edge in their next few showdowns, you can always head over to the Vulcan Market. It can do you a world of good - browsing through new or existing items, picking those which will fit right in with your toddlers before you purchase them.

Once you figure out what you want, there’s really a lot of fun to be had as you swap out these item cards at your convenience, at the marketplace. You can put up your baby’s items that you feel they no longer need or the ones they’ve gotten tired of – for auctions. Perhaps some other parent can take them off your hands, for their own children to play with. By buying and trading these item cards, you can ensure that your stack’s got the right set to suit your lead baby in battle, every time.