One of the most critical aspects of your little one’s life growing up is that they turn out better than before – that they become the best version of themselves after they’ve fully explored what it’s like being a lead baby. As card fighting games go, you get to keep and raise some awesome lead kids in the world of Block Babies. As they grow up, they develop personality traits, specific attributes that decide what your toddlers will be like, around you and the rest. A bit underrated, we agree, but you’d be surprised to know just how important these attributes are for your lead babies, given today’s turn based games.

Attributes Au Naturel!

It doesn’t matter which wave your child’s born in really, what matters is their type. Keeping tactical games in mind, lead babies are the only kids who’ll have attributes that come naturally to them. So, assigned right at their birth, each little cutie of ours got these ten traits that we’re pretty proud of:


  • 1. Playfulness: Doing whatever their heart’s telling them to do, and not in a shy way! The playfulness attribute wills your children to be themselves while in the battle arena and trust their abilities.
  • 2. Adorability: All twinkly and starry-eyed with a bow or a hat on top? With a dollop of adorability, your lead munchkins will get out of a tight pinch in any match, no matter who they go up against!
  • 3. Obedience: Respectful and amenable to a fault, this attribute sets your kids apart. But, given how rowdy and chaotic your battles can get, having an obedient captain kiddy can always help you get your team under control.
  • 4. Persuasion: This trait of your lead babies allows them to be adorably convincing whether they’re dealing with friends or foes! For a team that works together, winning a battle wouldn’t get any easier than this!
  • 5. Kindness: Soft and bashful, a lead baby with the kindness attribute makes for one of the best captains to head your team into battle. You’ll have a cutie who’s sweet and kind and helps everyone stay on their best behavior while in the arena.
  • 6. Patience: When it comes to matches, patience makes up an essential trait of your child. Your little munchkin can learn to control their urge to head out and try for a quick win - through patience. It also decides how cool-minded your captain is, when in battle.
  • 7. Intelligence: Brainy and clever, this attribute is what makes your adorable little munchkins win battles with ease. Solving problems and forming strategies, it can be pretty helpful to have a lead baby in battle loaded, on intelligence.
  • 8. Sleep Skills: Competing in battles regularly can make for some really hectic days in your children’s lives. And, some sleeping skills can go a long way in keeping them up and ready for their next match. The best part: they’ll quickly regain any stamina they lose!
  • 9. Dexterity: This attribute of your children makes them into the agile and nimble cubs they are. Taking on their adversaries, they make quick work of them before heading on to their next, raring for more.
  • 10. Appetite: Aside from munching up everything in the pantry, your lead babies also sport an appetite for conflicts and battles. Grueling matches and long duels is what fills them up and keeps them from ever getting bored.

In time, it’s these attributes that will define them, perhaps change as they grow up and ultimately determine how your precious cubs will be like in different walks of the game.

Important interactions and more

As card fighting games go, attributes in Block Babies play a significant role in various parts of the gaming experience. They also form the grounds based on which battles are lost and won, and quests significantly modify them. But more about all that later. For now, let’s take a look at some of the fun ways attributes can interact within battles:


  • With Team babies: A decent chunk of attributes get enabled by these charming little devils while you’re in a battle:
    • * Attack or defense team babies modify attributes as per the percentage listed on them. Based on which round they come into play, they either increase a percentage of the attribute chosen for your lead baby or decrease the attribute selected for your opponent.
    • * Force team babies are these furious little bumpkins who possess a singular attribute! When they step into the ring, that attribute gets enforced and subsequently played instead of the random attribute chosen for both you and your opponent.
  • With Items: Attributes can also get modified by items in between a battle. You can find your lead children’s attributes rise to a more favorable level and so on:
    • * Along with team babies, battle items can increase your precious munchkin’s attribute by a certain percentage. Fortunately, they can also decrease your opponent lead baby’s attribute by a similar rate.
    • * They affect the attribute that holds clear for them, so you can only use them in battle for specific ones.
  • The Toss factor: In case there’s a situation where a force team baby’s come up in both the decks in a particular round, then this conflict is quickly resolved by choosing an attribute by a ‘toss.’
    • * If you win that toss, you will be allowed to choose which attribute you would like for your little ones to play within that round.

    • So you see, when it comes to PvP turn based games in the way Block Babies pans out, these are the interactions of attributes you need to know of while heading into a battle. Armed with all this, your precious little ones will get to play to their strengths once you’ve mastered it all.